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I have a problem here…

Posted by ArgieDrawsArt - 1 month ago

Hey everyone, I was just wondering if any of you can help me with a little problem I have.

Okay, so about the problem, it’s about my DeviantArt account. When I first signed in DeviantArt back in May I was getting ready to post my first art, but for some reason DeviantArt won’t let me. I tried to post it again but it said ‘Error: 400’, I also tried to Change my avatar, but it keeps saying the same thing!

I’ve been trying to log-out and log-in to see if it fixes the problem, but NO! It keeps saying ‘Error: 400’. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it, but y’know same thing ‘Error: 400’.

I’m so desperate right now, what do you think I should do to solve this problem?



I just randomly happened to see this in my feed so maybe I can offer some advice;

1. Are you able to access deviantart on a destop device or computer broswer? The app genuinely just doesn't work a lot of time time lol. I mostly use the browser, Try signing in on the browser version if you're able to. (If you don't have a computer you should still be able to access it through your phones browser)

2. I tried finding Error 400 and it seems to be a bad request error. Meaning it's detecting something on your end not being correct (at least I think) so it thinks your user and pass aren't correct. Unless you're not entirely sure of you password or user you probably know what they're at least supposed to be. So maybe just changing your pass would work. Which i would try to do on desktop.

sorry for the essay, but i just happened to see this so i hope this at least steers you in the right direction. Also welcome to Newgrounds!

1.) I do have a Computer, but it’s slow, laggy and sometimes crashes for no reason so I can’t use it.

2.) Changing my Password? I think that could work.

Thanks for the advice, man!

No prob, hope you get it figured out! good to see peeps still posting on deviantart